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The company’s proprietary plasma heating method is expected to reach 1000 times higher density than other fusion reactors, thereby making its fusion reaction 1 million times more effective and resulting in significantly greater energy production than other developing solutions. Co-founded by Oded Gour-Lavie, Doron Weinfeld and Boaz Weinfeld, NT-TAO’s mission is to develop a unique nuclear fusion technology that will enable the world to transition towards a cleaner, decarbonized, sustainable and more democratized future. 

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Compact Fusion Solution

Delivering ultimate power for clean energy needs with a high impact, cost effective and scalable system. 

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Optimal Plasma Regime

Our proprietary, ultra-fast heating technology for high density plasma brings the reality of fusion energy down to earth.

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Multi-Use Optionality

Meeting the increasing demands for clean energy,  enabling decarbonization goals, and the electrification of key industries by a variety of users. 


about nt-tao

NT-TAO is disrupting the global energy sector by introducing a clean, modular, scalable, and extraordinarily powerful fusion energy technology within this decade.

Our mission at NT-TAO is to revolutionize the global energy sector by providing a clean, flexible, and scalable nuclear fusion technology that will enable the world to sustainably meet its energy needs and decarbonization goals. We are committed to bringing this technology to commercialization, and to making a direct impact on energy security for all future generations. 

Oded Gour-Lavie


Doron Weinfeld

Chief Scientist

Boaz Weinfeld

Chief Technology Officer

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